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Friday, June 08, 2007

A2s Last Minute Stuff!

(1) I should have given you my email address - do email me with essays, Critical Research Notes, queries & problems. I shall try and reply promptly (unless on the picket line!). I'm phrasing it as follows so it won't be harvested by spambots:


(2) The two articles on present state of the Magazine Industry are:

A devil of a market - detailing the overall pattern, and emphasising how as many titles close, many new ones are launched

Bottom falls out of lads' mags market - which talks more about the declines & successes of titles & markets, particularly the fall from grace of what had been a very thriving sector, lads' mags (downmarket men's mags), which had gone downmarket (upping the "nipple count" etc), and then found itself in the sort of territory done occupied more successfully by the uncensored internet.

(3) Lower on this page are two sets of links: ONLINE MATERIAL ON FILM GENRE &
INFORMATION SOURCES ON MAGAZINES AND GENDER + Glam: Your Life, Your Style – New Style Portal for Web 2.0; New Style eZine, which indicates what the Internet can do to rival magazines.

(4) The Textbooks

(a) Magazines
OCR Book - focused but rarely detailed - pp 159-169 - stuff on industry, on male/female targeting & differences
Studying the Media - p 53 - on genres of magazine
pp 64-67 - on celebrity culture (mainly TV focused, but same arguments apply to mags)
pp 85-89 - on gender representation & stereotypes, with some magazine references

(b) Genre
OCR Book - pp 145-151 - pretty general indeed. Raises idea at end that modern films are all, as they say in Bollywood, Masala movies - mixtures of genres
Studying the Media - pp 52-64 - discussion ranges across media forms and focuses heavily on role of stars


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