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Friday, May 18, 2007


Some links to sites that give information on this new development, which has big media companies very interested. It's from the creators of KaZaa (which you may well have used for [illegal] downloads - it has proved more resistant to the lawyers than Napster), and Skype, totally legal means of using Internet for free telephone calls (very serious business - its sale [$2.6bn by eBay] has financed work on Joost).

Don't think YouTube - Joop will deliver high quality broadcast TV on demand. The absolute end of scheduling (and of new programmes?)

Joost - the new, new TV thing by Andrew Orlowski, on The Register, a newssite specialising in new media. A good account of the project, with some of the problems raised on the 2nd page, when discussing how the site will be "monetarised", ie how it will raise money. This will be advertising, targeted at the user (using obviously cookies to get information about your interests). Notice also the emphasis behind Joost on concepts like "the Long Tail": money to be made by providing small sales of lots of specialist media products (rather than the stuff everyone wants to see at once - which would crash the network.

Viacom in video deal with Joost on BBC News indicates the support Joost is getting from Multimedia Conglomerates, and also talks about the parallel schemes some broadcasters are starting up.

Joost unveils full web TV service by Jemima Kiss, on
Guardian Unlimited Technology. This updates the previous news story, with more detail on mainstream TV companies involved.

Babelgum launches to rival Joost in IPTV battle on
e-consultancy, a professional site for e-marketing, describes Joost's first rival.

Joost has a little material on its site.

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